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ESITC Caen offers 3 professional bachelors with an international outlook.

  • The Bachelor of Construction, which trains specialists in sustainable construction and digital transition. This training is based on the expertise of the school's laboratory in eco-materials and its BIM (digital mock-up) competence centre. It takes place over 3 years after a Bac Général, a Bac Techno or a Bac Pro delivers the Grade de Licence. It is possible to alternate in the 3rd year. Targeted professions: BIM designer/modeler, works management, etc.
  • The BIM Designer Bachelor's degree prepares students for the profession of building and civil engineering studies designer, specialising in BIM, a highly sought-after profile for building and civil engineering companies. This 1-year course is aimed at holders of a civil engineering diploma at BAC+2 level.  It benefits from the support of major players such as Bouygues, Vinci, Eiffage, Egis and Artelia. The students of the 2 bachelors benefit from an environment conducive to student life (associations, university campus, etc.).