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Supporting the school

By supporting ESITC Caen, you are helping to encourage the emergence of tomorrow's talent!

In concrete terms, your support allows us to promote access to training for all via the SCHOLARSHIPS, to develop new innovative teaching tools for cutting-edge training and to involve qualified professionals in the training.

Pay your apprenticeship tax

In 2020, the modalities for collecting the apprenticeship tax will evolve within the framework of the "Loi Avenir Professionnel", known as the "Loi Avenir".
Breakdown of the apprenticeship tax 2020 (0.68% of your gross payroll 2019 - unchanged) :

87% of the tax is intended exclusively to finance apprenticeships, and must be paid directly to a single collecting body, France Compétences.
The balance, 13% (previously called "scale" or "out of quota"), is earmarked for expenditure in full discharge chosen by the company for the development and support of eligible training courses.


The 13% is free of charge and can be paid by your company directly to ESITC Caen to enrich training programmes, improve learning conditions for students and improve the quality of the training programmes.
students and offer new, innovative and open educational perspectives on the world.

To support ESITC Caen and to anticipate your payment intentions, please contact :
The deadline for payment of the 13% is 31 May 2020.

To pay your apprenticeship tax, please fill in the form below.