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Lyon site

The Lyon site will open its doors in September 2021. Initially, ESITC Caen - Lyon site - will be hosted by ENTPE, the school for sustainable land development. This location will allow ESITC Caen to meet the extremely high demand for engineers from the construction industry.

ESITC Caen - Lyon site - is housed on the premises of the ENTPE, on the same campus as the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Lyon (ENSAL) in the heart of downtown Vaulx-en-Velin in the Lyon metropolitan area. 

This campus has nearly 1,500 students, making it a campus on a human scale. Students can take advantage of numerous facilities: green spaces, direct access to transport and easy parking by car or bicycle.

The School is located five minutes by bus from one of the main metro lines that quickly serves the city and its districts: the metro A linking Laurent-Bonnevay to Perrache. The Transports en Commun Lyonnais - TCL network operates from 5am to midnight, seven days a week. It includes more than one hundred bus lines, four metro lines and four tramway lines. 

A RU, university restaurant, is hosted by the campus. 

Students have several options for accommodation: 

  • HLM student residences in the immediate vicinity of ESITC Caen - Lyon site. 
  • Private student residences: in the heart of Lyon, many private student residences are a good alternative: close to transport, shops and higher education institutions. For your information, a studio apartment can be rented from 330 €. Housing subsidies are available.
  • Private accommodation. The last solution is to rent your own accommodation. On average, the price per square metre in Lyon is €17, or less than €600 for a 35 square metre flat.