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Going abroad

20% of ESITC Caen's young engineering graduates begin their careers abroad (CGE 2019 figures).

For ESITC Caen engineering students, a minimum of three months of mobility abroad and a good level of English (TOEIC minimum 800 points) are mandatory. 
The openness and mobility of students is made possible by partnership agreements in some twenty countries around the world and by the school's involvement in numerous programmes such as FITEC, BCI, ERASMUS+, etc.

A semester of study at a foreign partner institution qualifies for the label "international curriculum" or "international curriculum of excellence" on the diploma supplement.


ERASMUS+ grant

- Outgoing students receive an ERASMUS+ grant. The monthly payment depends on the host country and the amount available, but is the same for all students.

- Specific grant for people with disabilities (Erasmus+)

World Pass Scholarship

Pass Monde is an individual mobility aid for young people from Normandy (tax household in Normandy).