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Jean Chapon Hydraulic Laboratory

A unique system in France

The 40-metre long and 1.50-metre deep wave channel has been installed at ESITC Caen since 2018. It is the result of collaboration between CEREMA, the Regional Directorate for Risk Prevention (DGPR), the General Directorate for Infrastructure, Transport and the Sea (DGITM) and the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition.
This equipment, which is unique in France, allows large-scale testing of the impact of swell on coastal equipment (dykes, jetties, coastal protection, etc.).
In an environmental context where the threat of rising waters is a priority, this equipment will allow the study of the morphology of maritime equipment to better protect the population.

The objectives of the scheme :

  • Anticipate coastal protection needs
  • Evaluate and adapt works and infrastructures
  • Produce knowledge and train engineers
  • Supporting French companies
  • Discover the Wave Channel in Image: "Waves on command" video

The Wave flume in pictures

Jean Chapon hydraulic laboratory projects