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2021 - 2023 : Regional project for coastal monitoring and shell analysis in Normandy by drone

The project DRONORMAND - Drône pour la suRveillance des cÔtes et l'aNalyse des cOquilles en noRMANDie - concerns the development of a unique drone with two objectives:

  • Monitoring, diagnosis and modeling of the Norman marine coastline;
  • Recovery of scallop or sea shell samples for analysis.

To achieve these two objectives, engineering on the development of a multifunctional marine drone will be developed. This drone will allow to embark measurement sensors (LiDAR, camera, thermal camera) in the case of coastal monitoring measures. This monitoring will greatly contribute to the global databases that can be used to support national prevention plans (PPRL or PAPI) but also for local studies in emergency situations (significant erosion, weakening of coastal defense works ...). 

Moreover, this drone will allow to easily collect samples of scallops or shells, taken at sea by boats, without the need to return expressly to the port to make the scientific analysis of the material. The drone will be able to carry a load of several kilos and to make 'boat-port' journeys of more than 40 nautical miles.









Project financed by the State (France Relance) up to 50% on a total budget of nearly 260 000 euros.