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Since 2002, ESITC Caen has been offering some of its students the opportunity to complete their engineering degree in a work-study programme within the framework of an apprenticeship contract. 

The apprenticeship allows the student, during a period of three years, to be both an employee of a company and a student within the school.

This "win-win" pathway, much appreciated by the civil engineering industry, is a real asset for employment and allows the student to acquire managerial and interpersonal skills, as well as a perfect knowledge of the business environment through a progressive and inductive training.

To succeed in his or her apprenticeship, the student must have clearly identified his or her professional project and must therefore choose and be committed to the host company for the duration of his or her apprenticeship and beyond.

Each apprentice is monitored and supervised by a tutor within the school a tutor within the company.
The school has the same requirements and exams for students and apprentices and will deliver the same diploma.

VISIONNER LE LIVE sur l'apprentissage

Découvrez le parcours d'apprentis de Julie et Kylliane au sein de l'entreprise ETPO