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Our capabilities

Modern premises

The building reflects the school's philosophy, giving priority to research, the quality of teaching and the development of students. In 2016 ESITC Caen doubled its surface area. The school's current surface area is 7,350 m², including the administrative department:

  • Teaching Centre: approximately 30 classrooms, 6 lecture theatres, including one with 500 seats,
  • Research centre: public works rooms, materials lab for full-scale tests.
  • Administration Division: some thirty additional offices
  • Students' Centre: approximately 450 m², including a 300 m² relaxation lounge of and premises dedicated to students’ associations.

The classrooms are equipped with modern equipment to enable future engineers to study in a conducive environment.

A skills centre dedicated to BIM

ESITC Caen, as part of the BIMLAB project, supported by the Normandy Region and co-financed by the European Union as part of the ERDF/ESF 2014-2020 Programme, opened in February 2016 a skills centre dedicated to BIM. The investment of €480,500 was 50% co-financed by ERDF funds. Thanks to this tool, giving access to approximately thirty software packages, we are able to offer training in digital technology: engineering training, bachelor's degree in "BIM design", specialized post-master’s degree in "Expert in eco-materials and BIM design", specialized post-master’s degree in "SMART construction"…

A unique wave flume in France

The wave flume, 40 metres long and 1.50 metres deep, is located at ESITC Caen since 2018. It is the result of collaboration between CEREMA, the Regional Directorate for Risk Prevention (DGPR), the General Directorate for Infrastructures, Transport and the Sea (DGITM) and the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition.
This equipment, which is unique in France, enables large-scale testing of the impact of waves on coastal equipment.
The management of floods is now a  priority and our equipment enables applied research to protect the populations.

The objectives of the wave flume:

  • Anticipate the needs in terms of coastal protection
  • Evaluating and adapting works and infrastructures
  • Producing knowledge and training engineers
  • Supporting the industry
  • Discover the Wave Flume:

An applied research laboratory

ESITC Caen hosts the joint research laboratory in partnership with ESITC Paris and ESITC Metz.
The research activity is focused on materials for the construction industry and addresses environmental issues.
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