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International Workshops BUILDERS École d'ingénieurs

An advanced design project to teach future engineers

Open to foreign students, it confronts multidisciplinary and multicultural teams with projects resulting from real tenders. During one month, the different teams prepare their bid. They benefit from comprehensive pedagogical support - including tutoring, specialised theoretical courses and conferences - provided by ESITC Caen teams and International professional experts in the sectors concerned.

Students from all over the world are also offered technical visits on sites with touristic winks to develop long-term team building


  •  - Offshore renewable and aquaculture: the tender concerns the construction of a salmon aquaculture farm in a floating structure on the Brittany and Normandy coasts with the obligation to be energetically self-sufficient.

  • – Sustainable building engineering: The  tender concerns the renovation and extension of a building in a port city  and its conversion into a cultural space. The projects must take into account certain specific aspects such as accessibility, energy efficiency, LCA, maintenance, Architecture, environment, carbon foot print, etc.....

  • – Port engineering and maritime works: The tender concerns the creation of a new port. Main aims amount other things are elaboration a conceptual design, validation of designs using dedicated simulation softwares, till the use of a wave flume.


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