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ESITC Caen Becomes BUILDERS École d'ingénieurs

Promotional clip BUILDERS École d'ingénieurs

Published on 11/09/22

Discover the promotional clip of BUILDERS École d'ingénieurs

What is the act of building with BUILDERS École d'ingénieurs ?

To build is to be able to live in the world.

Building shelters for knowledge and sharing.

To build places of daily life and of the exceptional made for today as well as for tomorrow.

To build is to know how to adapt continuously

Deconstructing received ideas

Listening, acting in complexity Deciding to innovate

Building means wanting to build a large-scale future

Protecting our environment, a fairer society

Because building is being able / knowing / wanting to transform society " ?? ????????? ??? ??? ?? ???????????? ?? ??????? ?? ?? ?????????? " ???????? ????? ?'???é??????