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Legendre - 2018

CHAIRE "Price studies" - Groupe Legendre


chaire étude de prix legendre


The price engineer is involved in the early stages of the project. But how do you set the right price when submitting a bid, the price that will sell the project? Quantifying the cost of a construction project requires more than just technical expertise. This is the purpose of the "Price Studies" Chair, which will enable BUILDERS École d'Ingénieurs to strengthen its teaching teams with expert lecturers from the price studies sector, and to draw on the expertise of Groupe Legendre, a fast-growing group specializing in construction, real estate and energy. Groupe Legendre will take part in recruitment events and seminars organized by the school to raise awareness of the subject of price studies. The company will also be involved in the transmission of knowledge through lectures, courses and participation in BUILDERS École d'ingénieurs' professional development councils. Groupe Legendre is also committed to welcoming interns and engineering students under apprentice status. Research and development activities are also planned with the laboratory of the Caen engineering school.

 "The chair signed with BUILDERS École d'Ingénieurs is designed to raise awareness of the Group's activities, pass on cutting-edge expertise in price studies and forge special relationships with sought-after engineers. This strengthened partnership enables us to


chaire legendre 2


chaire legendre


February 2018 - While Jean-Paul Legendre shares his experience with TC5 students, Vincent Legendre speaks to TC3 students (1st year of the engineering cycle) #passion #construction

Vidéo de l'intervention de Vincent LEGENDRE du 22 mars 2024

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