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Continuing education is aimed at current employees who wish to improve or diversify their skills through short and specific training courses.

The introductory or advanced modules offered cover technical, economic or managerial topics in the field of construction and public works. Continuing education is organised in two ways:

Inter-company sessions: these sessions are organized on fixed dates. The themes covered are aimed at all professionals in the building and public works sector. The sessions are subject to quotas: minimum quota of participants for the realization, and maximum quota to maintain an effective pedagogical animation.

Intra-company sessions: these sessions are built "à la carte" in response to a specific training need of the company. The company expresses its expectations to ESITC Caen, which develops a project in consultation with the company.

Continuing education at ESITC Caen is based on several themes:

  • Digital mock-up or BIM (project management, change management, business approaches) 
  • Geotechnical engineering (reinforcement, sensitive environments, complex structures)
  • Hydraulic works (maritime, river, port, forcing parameters)

ESITC Caen is an approved establishment: Continuing Education 25 14 01 185 14.
All of our professional training programmes are eligible for OPCA funding.

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Les formations accessibles via le dispositif de la formation continue à BUILDERS École d'ingénieurs :