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ESITC Caen students are always in demand by companies

Published on 06/15/22

ESITC Caen graduates continue to be employed at a steady rate ! The figures from the recent Job Entry Survey conducted among the class of 2021 confirm that young engineers graduating from ESITC Caen are fully employed and are still sought after by recruiters.

Better integration than the average for engineering schools in France

Since its creation, the school has maintained an excellent rate of professional integration. Our graduates do not look for their job, they choose it: 96% of graduates are working at the time of graduation.

Profiles in demand, both in France and internationally

The fields of expertise offered by ESITC Caen's degrees are highly coveted, both in France and abroad. Many of our young engineering graduates are offered great opportunities and choose to work abroad: 20% of them work abroad.

Continued feminisation in the construction sector

Diversity is an integral part of ESITC Caen, and one of the school's ambitions is to participate in the feminisation of the construction industry. Every year, young women enter ESITC Caen and choose a lively and exciting sector. 28% of our graduates are women.

Good job opportunities

The overall job satisfaction rate is 4.41 (on a scale of 1 to 5) for an average annual salary of 39K € including bonus. Construction engineers, design offices, project managers, etc., there are many jobs available to our students.

ESITC Caen offers its graduates great prospects!

Source: 1st job survey conducted in January 2022 with 120 graduates of the class of 2021