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Les Canalisateurs - 2017




chaire les canalisateurs


Pipeline networks are a major challenge for the city of tomorrow. It is not only a question of safely supplying increasing numbers of people with drinking water, gas and other fluids, but also of preventing the predicted water shortage through optimised systems for irrigating cultivated land and the use of materials and technologies for monitoring and maintaining networks that avoid wastage. By creating this specialised chair in partnership with Les Canalisateurs, BUILDERS École d'ingénieurs is fully aware of these challenges. The agreement signed today provides for concerted actions between the BUILDERS École d'ingénieurs teams and this professional federation, which has 330 members specialised in the laying and rehabilitation of pipes: raising awareness among engineering students of the attractiveness of companies in the sector, transmission of know-how and cutting-edge expertise in the laying and rehabilitation of networks, hosting trainees and students with apprentice status, and involvement in research and development projects at the BUILDERS École d'ingénieurs laboratory.


 "Through this chair, we want to shed new light on a social issue that is too little known. We will be working closely with future BUILDERS École d'ingénieurs engineers to help them discover the innovations and technicalities of the world of networks," says Jean-Claude Brossier, Chairman of the Canalisateurs' training committee.




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