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bandeau financeurs GREEN RIVEr

2021 - 2023: National project for the creation and optimisation of a floating multi-source electricity platform to create a resource to support inland waterway electricity transport in the city

Hydraulic systems to keep ship mooring lines under constant tension have been used for some time in port facilities around the world. They significantly reduce vessel movement and eliminate snagging of mooring lines. These systems typically use force sensors to set the required mooring tension.


Develop a double-acting hydraulic battery actuator to generate the tension force

This is the ambition of the GREEN RIVER project. This system will convert the residual movement of the vessel into mechanical work via an appropriate hydraulic circuit and a hydraulic motor. The mechanical energy thus recovered can then be converted into electrical energy via a generator and stored in a system for later use as auxiliary energy for the ship or for services on land.

  • Context:

    • Develop integrated devices for the recovery of renewable energy (Efficiency - short circuit)
    • Secure ships at berth: Limit damage to ships and line breaks (Attractiveness - Reliable)
    • Facilitate a soft urban mobility (people and goods) in a context of reduction of pollutant emissions, decongestion of urban land routes (Controlled - energy)
  • Environmental objectives at the heart of 'PORT CITIES

    • Autonomous production of decarbonated renewable energy
    • Storage and provision of the energy produced
    • Improvement of air quality.
  • Socio-economic objectives:  

    • Creation of a new market (number of ports and ships) and jobs in the long term (boilermaking => engineers) (societal acceptability)
    • Development of a sector of excellence for Normandy and the IDF region (interregional distribution)




Funding sources

The project has a total budget of €930,509.

The project is financed by the CPIER - Financing Region Normandy for €505 124 and ADEME for a total amount of €654 422.