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2023 - 2026: European project to raise awareness of the potential of sustainable heating and cooling solutions based on aquathermal energy

Heating and cooling (H/C) are responsible for half of the EU’s  nal energy consumption and most of it is based on fossil fuels (Eurostat, 2020). Hence, a shift towards renewable energy sources (RES) presents a great opportunity to reduce the EU’s energy requirements, carbon emissions, pollution, reliance on energy imports, and to increase the ef ciency of energy and material usage. The WaterWarmth consortium is ambitious and equipped to seize this opportunity and highly motivated to create a lasting impact in the North Sea Region (NSR).

Aquathermal energy (AE) uses thermal energy from water to provide sustainable H/C for buildings. Surface waters act as a huge solar collector and store heat in quantities that exceed by far the energy requirements for H/C. At present, the vast majority of people and energy communities (ECs) are unaware of this omnipresent and readily available energy source.

At present, the vast majority of people and energy communities (ECs) are unaware of the existence of this ubiquitous and readily available energy source.

WaterWarmth addresses all these key aspects in one coherent project. It works on facilitating ECs that are delivering the energy transition, and co-develop inspiring and replicable examples of cooperative AE solutions, integrated into the local context, with citizens from across the NSR. Deliverables will empower ECs to accelerate the dearly needed energy transition.

Expected results

The results of the project are divided into 6 work packages:

  • WP1 - Showing the potential of aquathermal energy
  • WP2 - Pilot sites using aquathermy
  • WP3 - Towards large-scale implementation of aquathermy
  • WP4 - Smart integration of aquathermal energy into the local energy system
  • WP5 - Placing AE into a social, economic and environmental context
  • WP6 - Governance of collective energy systems

BUILDERS Ecole d'Ingénieurs involvement

As part of the WaterWarmth project, BUILDERS Ecole d'Ingénieurs is the leader of Work Package 2 on the implementation of pilot sites using water-source heat pumps.

BUILDERS will be managing the various activities, as well as setting up a pilot site at the Ouistreham Nautical Activity Centre to evaluate the prototypes (PAC) produced in real-life conditions. As part of the WaterWarmth project, a heat pump will be installed to supply the CANO's facilities, in particular the toilets and shower. The pilot site is close to BUILDERS' premises, which will make it easier to monitor.

In addition, 4 other pilot sites will be set up in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.

For further information:

The funder

The WaterWarmth project has a budget of €8 million, co-financed to the tune of €4.5 million by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) as part of the Interreg North Sea Region programme.

Interreg NSR